Link Love: The One Where I Keep Losing My Pens

If you’ve been a pen collector long enough, eventually you lose or misplace a pen. Part of owning fountain pens is that we make a much more concerted effort to keep track of my writing tools. However, sometimes, one goes astray. When you are really unlucky, you discover that you’ve misplaced TWO in the course of two weeks. That’s what happened to me. In my case, neither pen was inexpensive. One was a limited edition color of a readily available pen design and the other was a bog standard fountain pen with a VERY SPECIAL nib. Sigh.

I have been panicked, sad, angry, annoyed and an array of other emotions since discovering that my pens were gone. But as the days have passed and they have not returned, my hope is that wherever they went, someone is truly appreciating their beauty and functionality.

Maybe, if my luck reverses, they will return to me. Can you all say a little prayer to the pen gods for me? I miss my pens.




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  1. Hello Ana!

    I feel your pain. It is part and parcel of our attachments to treasured things. I’ve gotten into the habit of asking myself two solid questions before leaving the house with any pen, fountain or ballpoint. Can it be easily replaced? (In stock somewhere in my country, relatively affordable.) Will I become super emotional if and when it does become misplaced or is stolen? Then, breathe and go on.

    Becoming more intentional about carrying methods is also something I’ve been thinking about. I thought I had a good method for carrying pens and such, but after an al fresco meeting, I discovered I was missing a Kaweco Sport with which I’d been taking notes. Love it, but it’s too apt to go missing when on the move. But most Sports can be easily replaced, even those with the BB nib. And let’s not talk about inadvertently dropping and dinging a Metro (one of my first “good” pens). It can now be carried freely since the preciousness has worn off.

    I do hope you find your pens very soon,


  2. Oh no! My feeling is that they are not lost but simply mislaid and will turn up in an unexpected place. I know someone who thought he had lost a brand new FP… and it turned up in the pocket of his robe. Go look in the pocket of your robe!

  3. I hope you have already found your pens or find them soon. I had a near identical experience with my favorite pocket knife. About a month after it disappeared, and on like the 10th time I searched my car, I found it. Wishing you good vibes that your pens return home.

  4. I’m so sorry your pens have gone on walkabout. I have one that has vanished, a blue Opus 88 Omar that I had only recently inked for the first time. (with Diamine Kensington Blue if you were wondering) I was really enjoying journaling with it. The color and shading were amazing. Then poof! No pen. That was six months ago. I hope wherever it is, it is having wonderful adventures. Your too.

    1. So sorry about your pen loss. My husband managed to misplaced/lost his Omar last week. Honestly, I think pens are really wanting to get out and about these days!

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