Find Those Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday really started early this year and you’ve already been inundated with email, targeted ads and more with offers for discounts, sales and special offers.

So, once again, rather than list all the potential deals, I recommend shopping with your favorite indie shops, small makers and creators. The economy is tougher this year than many anticipated. Check your Etsy faves, shop with those favorite online retailers that don’t own a fleet of their own trucks and support small businesses in your community. They are the ones who will be most grateful for the business.

Ways you can support your favorite small businesses and indie creators:

Sign up for email newsletters

Go to your favorite sites (pen related or not) and sign up for their email newsletter today. Many online shops are offering rolling sales starting yesterday. So to get all the details and when exactly the best deals will happen, sign up for newsletters.

You don’t have to stay subscribed forever but if you want to get the specifics for each shop, this is the best way to do it.

If you’re already subscribed, build a filter so all newsletter funnel into one folder. Depending on your email app, the method to do this will vary but it’s 30 minutes or less to set this up and is a great way to get all the shop newsletters in one place and out of your inbox.

Follow your favorite shops on social media

If you do use social media, be sure you’re following your favorite shops. Often, they will post about sales, discounts and other deals. You can just search for them on Instagram or Facebook to see if they are posting about special deals, events, etc.

Forward deals to Friends & Family

If you are looking to help a friend or family member know what to get you for the holidays, forward a newsletter and/or your wishlist.

Tell them you read The Well-Appointed Desk

Finally, it helps us if you tell shops you heard about them or read about a product here on The Well-Appointed Desk. Just add it to the comments with your order, if there is that option. Thanks!

Shop The Well-Appointed Desk

And in the spirit of deals,  I am once again offering my 20% off deal for Black Friday. This applies to all in-stock merchandise and orders will ship on “shipping Tuesday” (that’s the day after Cyber Monday). The discount code is THANKS and will be good through Monday, November 27, 2023 on both Big Cartel and Etsy. If you want to order anything from our sister company, Skylab Letterpress, drop us an email and we can combine orders to reduce shipping costs.

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