Happy Fountain Pen Day! (Giveaway & Special Offer)

Happy Fountain Pen Day, friends! I hope you are having a chance to play with your pens, get a good deal from any of the many vendors offering special pricing, and all the wonderful things.

In honor of Fountain Pen Day, we have a special giveaway!

We are giving away (1) one Pilot Custom 74 in Blue Stone with a Medium nib (MSRP $176USD). This is a beautiful pen with a slightly bouncy 14K gold nib.

AND any orders placed on Etsy or Big Cartel this weekend (through Sunday, November 5, 2023) will a free Shark Pen and ink sample (while supplies last). No coupon needed.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us how you are celebrating Fountain Pen Day — or how you wish you could celebrate. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give themonkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, November 6, 2023. All entries must be submitted at wellappointeddesk.com, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday (or Wednesday). Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

Oops! Forgot to mention: DISCLAIMER: The items included in this post were provided at a discount by Gentleman Stationer for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I used to bring packs of pilot varsitys to work to give out to penable people. Sonce my office closed and we are remote, I just give them out to friends now.

  2. I am celebrating FPD by 1) writing (imagine that), 2) Inking up some of my lesser used pens since they need love too and
    3) just enjoying the community via the various pen blogs.

  3. I’m recovering from a trip half way around the world, and jet lag isn’t pretty. I had forgotten it was FP day! If I get a chance I’ll see if any of my inked pens are still wet after 4 weeks of neglect, and if not I’ll have a cleaning session!

  4. I celebrated my making my credit card scream. I should stop lying to myself and just admit I’m collecting Lamy Safaris and AL-Stars in ALL the colors (as four new colors, along with another mystery pen, will be arriving next week).

  5. I am celebrating by grading papers (with a fountain pen, of course!). No red ink – I only use green ink to grade student work. Montblanc Irish Green, of course!

    Eric – I love the phrase “penable people.” It’s descriptive – everyone (of us) knows what that means. But did you know if you remove the first letter, you have “enable?” That was on purpose, right? 😉

  6. I am doing a required martial arts training for the long weekend. I WISH I was back in Columbus attending the Ohio Pen Show. This is the first year in a while that I have not attended at least ONE of the days.

  7. It’s FP DAY! YAYYY! I’m reorganizing my inks by rainbow color in alphabetical order! NOT! No, as much as I’d like to be playing with my inks, I’m actually cleaning pens and refilling because it’s Friday and they are out of ink! Time for new colors though. That is, right after I finish work for the day, sigh….

  8. I must be psychic. Today something motivated me to service my fountain pens. I had been meaning to do it, honest. The pens have been dropping like, well, fountain pens, one by one refusing to moisten a line. Clean pens, new inks, happy pens.

  9. I’m currently contemplating what ink to use next (so many pretty colors!), as well as setting aside some ink samples for an upcoming ‘secret santa’ type thing. I should be cleaning some pens …. but I don’t think it’s gong to happen today.

  10. Everything I’m writing today is with a fountain pen. I also have a weekly announcement to my online students where I highlight some less serious holidays for the week. This week they read of my disdain for National Candy Corn Day, were encouraged to celebrate National Deviled Eggs Day and Men Make Dinner Day (conveniently, both were Thursday) and I also encouraged Fountain Pen Day as a truly joyous event. 🙂

  11. ️ Going to write a letter to my Grandmother with the Parker 51 that she passed on to me! Also might indulge in some ink shopping ☺️

  12. I’m going to try all the new inks I got this week! Platinum red, Sailor blue, Koh-I-Noor document black. Nothing exciting, but hopefully good “basics”!

  13. I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day by decanting partial bottles of ink I have laying around into samples for friends that I am going to get started on their fountain pen journey.

  14. I am celebrating by following social media posts with sales and then being “forced” to buy beautiful pens that keep showing up in my feed at good prices. I better stop looking soon or I will keep buying!

  15. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day, I will attempt to organize my inks. I’m fairly new to fountain pens so the organization shouldn’t take too long…Have a great Fountain Pen Day!

  16. I will be celebrating by inking up and writing with my new Pilot Elite fountain pen, and I will be using it on handwritten exercises for my Latin and Greek classes.

  17. Spending FP day writing! I get lost in consumerism sometimes so it is nice to just spend time with my pens and my thoughts.

  18. For fountain pen day, I’m going to review the collection and think about the memories, since most of them are sentimental for some reason or other. And I’m reaching out to pen friends.

  19. This is my first FPD since I only started collecting and enjoying fountain pens last year. I ended up ordering a Radius Prisma from Stilo et Stile yesterday (early FPD release), which I was happy about since I missed their Leonardo Prisma release. I may also write something on my blog but I haven’t decided yet. Happy Fountain Pen Day, Everyone! ✨️

  20. celebrating today perusing all sites with a leisurely cup of coffee. No rushing since i have the day off also. The safari begins!

  21. I will be using a fountain pen at work where I can today to celebrate! I would love to take more time to write out notes or poetry or something.

  22. I’ve already written 10k words, my daily goal. I got up at 2 AM to get started. I feel productive, but it is probably an illusion.

  23. I’m celebrating with a small order from WonderPens here in Toronto and some quality time cleaning and inking up my pens.

  24. I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day with a new pen case, starting a new notebook and buying a few inexpensive pens to penable friends. I am also doing routine pen cleaning. It’s a mindless task that I find somewhat soothing. Yes, I know, that’s weird to many

  25. Wishing I could be out today, looking for vintage fountain pens in the wild! Or headed to one of great fountain pen stores near my home state. I will instead enjoy journaling using one of my pelikan pens!

  26. I am practicing writing with a new steel Platinum fine nib. Broader has been my norm but this nib is very nice. I like it, which kinda surprises me.

  27. I’m going to make a cup of tea and reacquaint myself with all my old pens. Like old friends, they need checked up on!

  28. I am celebrating at a coffee shop where I am sipping coffee, writing with my pens, and doing some virtual shopping!

  29. I’m thinking about buying a new pen this weekend, but it’s been so overwhelming! So many great pens have come out lately, and I’m just having fun looking at all the options out there. I still haven’t been able to try out a Platinum, so that may be on my list.

  30. Today I’ve got a lot of things going on for celebrating fountain pen day! Drew a BirdNote with my Namisu Neo AL prototype. Planning out my next series of 40 days of Birds, Pens, and Ink. (Very excited about that.) Got a peek of a custom pen I’m getting from Schon DSGN that is in the theme of the game we just launched, Return to Moria. (So stoked about both things!!) Wrapping up the day going to Pelican Post and Paperie to pick up pen/ink/paper for my niece’s birthday tomorrow. Whew!!

  31. Celebrating FPD with my pens! Currently writing with a Franklin Christoph Model 02 Ghost with an EF SIG Nib. It’s inked with Iroshizuku Fuyu Syogun.

  32. It has been an very challenging week. Was hoping, since I am traveling, to make it in-person to one of my favorite brick and mortar pen stores nearby, but can’t make it into the city from the suburbs. So using the pens I have with me and doing some online browsing.

  33. I’m celebrating by cleaning all my inked pens and inking up a couple of poor, neglected pens… but I wish I were attending a pen show instead!

  34. I intended to do a bunch of writing to celebrate FPD, but have mostly been working and, full transparency, scrolling through Instagram looking for giveaways… Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  35. Brought Zebra fountain pens to work to share and I’m enjoying writing with my fountain pens all day and this weekend! It is so nice to see what everyone is doing with their pens.

  36. I’m observing Fountain Pen Day by using my TWSBI Diamond Mini (with Private Reserve Foam Green) for all the writing I do at work. Though to be honest, that pen is dedicated for my office, so I use it on many more days than FPD! This year, though, I’m also writing my NaNoWriMo longhand using fountain pens, so I’ll probably switch it up to my Sailor 1911S with Diamine Writer’s Blood tonight.

  37. Oo, how cool! I’m going to get out some of my samples and play around with ink this weekend, I think, though I might not follow the name of the day and use my dip pen to do it with.

  38. Awesome giveaway! I’ve spent FPD cleaning about 50 pens, and journaling on and off all day. It’s a beautiful fall day here in PA, the leaves are turning (and falling), and the farmers are harvesting corn in the fields around my house, making me very wistful for my childhood.

  39. I’m celebrating by giving some lesser used pens some tlc today, and the youngest of the offspring is getting old enough to understand so I get to pass some fountain pen wisdom on as well.

  40. What a generous gift for a lucky person! My son and I are celebrating FPD by inking pens to match the mood of our change in weather! I’ve also got a letter to finish writing and an arty envelope to finish doodling on! HAPPY, HAPPY, DAY!!

  41. I am currently waiting for the muscle pain and weakness that plagues me, to lessen enough for me to pick up my beloved FP’s, and try to create some ART using my favorite DIAMINE inks!

  42. Like I do every day–lol! I journal and write letters almost every single day with fountain pens. Have never had a fancy FP with a gold nib, though. Thanks for the contest for FPDay!! 🙂

  43. I celebrated fountain pen day by ordering some more inks and a leather pen cup.

    I wanted to buy a grail pen — a Visconti Homo Sapiens Magma with a broad nib – but thankfully was thwarted.

    Not by common sense, mind you. Nor by my ever-diminishing bank account. Instead, it was because I could not find one with a broad nib which wouldn’t be backordered for at least a couple of months.

    So perhaps it meant I should just continue to save up and go big at next year’s fountain pen day. That is, if I can wait that long!

  44. I’m celebrating by posting everywhere my match-matchy swag & pens, as well as wearing my FPD teeshirt (really need a new one), using a matchy-matchy pen (also a Pilot Custom 74, but in Merlot) and opening a Halloween order from Endless pens (all the vintage NOS Pelikan Twists & Studios in pink!)

    Happy Fountain Pen Day 2023!

  45. As many others have said before me, by splurging on pens and inks from local stationery retailers (Florida ain’t got many fountain pen retailers, so gotta support the few that are around me). And of course by wearing a fountain pen themed shirt ;p

  46. This fountain pen day I’ll be practicing writing 金曜日 (Friday) in Japanese with my Lamy Safari, since I messed up the first kanji so badly in today’s entry in my Midori 10-year diary. ^_^

  47. I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day by thinking about the pens I can’t afford this year. I’m looking at you Monoc nib!

  48. I live in Australia, so I don’t qualify (happy to pay extra postage if I win though…. pleeeease) but I’m going to share anyway. I celebrated FPDay23 by taking my first steps into vintage FPs. I snagged a Conway Stewart Dinkie 550 and a “The Unique Pen” (of unknown model at this time) for $50AU for both! I suspect they may need a little TLC but that’s part of the fun I am looking forward to! So I spent the day researching lever fillers, nib correction, and sac changing – very fun!!

  49. Time to get organized and ready for the new year. Last year on January 1st, I spilled an entire Venti Mocha on my desk and soaked everything, even the things in the top drawer when the coffee seeped back into the pull out board and rolled into the drawer. I never recovered. This year, I am starting on Fountain Pen Day, by sorting and re-shelving the planners and notebooks I haven’t finished yet, and picking out what to start with at the new year. What a dream to have a new pen to go with the new stack.

  50. I’m cleaning my 12 favorite fountain pens tonight — it’s a wild Friday! Looking forward to new ink for all

  51. Happy Fountain Pen Day! I celebrated by treating myself to some new ink, all the fun swatching of the ink in my Coloring. Also had the added fun of cleaning pens. Satisfying!

  52. By writing all of my notes and to-do lists with a fountain pen, of course. Pilot Prera, F, with Diamine Oxford Blue.

  53. I’m fresh off the heels of Scriptus this FPD, which makes for a very fun Friday! I put aside some special pens and inks after Scriptus and am celebrating Fountain Pen Day by inking up my Kakari and Hogtown Pen with inks I bought at the show 😀

  54. I am visiting family out of town today, but I am going to celebrate fountain pen day by writing a letter this evening. I’ll use my Lamy Safari, since that’s the only fountain pen I brought with me on this trip.

  55. I am celebrating fountain pen day by writing with my pens at work (even wrote through a fill) and I plan to curl up on my couch with more pen writing time when I get home to work on my novella/novel.

  56. I am celebrating by looking at pretty pens on the internet and by reinking a few of my own. Lots of good pens and inks out there!

  57. For FPD I’m going to do The NY Times crossword puzzle using a fountain pen. I usually do it on the computer, but today I will be putting fountain pen to paper. I just hope I don’t get confused and instead use my fountain pen on the computer version of the crossword! Thank you for all the great articles.

  58. Thank you for the good Fountain Pen Day wishes, and giveaway. I bought a Hershey’s Triple Chocolate cake in 2016, when I first learned of FPD. I’ve done that almost every year since. If it’s the rectangular shape, I use gel icing in a tube to write Fountain Pen Day. If it’s the circular version, which I got today, I write FPD. So I’m celebrating with cake, and I’ll fill a pen I got last week with ink today. I’ll write a page in my Log Book, and maybe a letter. I’ve already used Fountain Pen Day coupon codes to buy a pen.

  59. I celebrated by breaking out a fountain pen at work. Just having it out on the desk was enjoyable, although I mostly had to type all day!

  60. I’m celebrating by buying a pilot explorer (it came with a free converter) and by cleaning/inking some of my pens. I’m also thinking of copying some poetry or especially evocative passages later tonight.

    I also used some sharks for doing homework earlier, but that was more business as usual!

  61. My husband and I both picked up some goodies at Dromgoole’s, and as the social media person for the Space City Pen Club, I shared every Fountain Pen Day giveaway and discount I could find in our Instagram stories!

  62. Although I’ve written with, and collected, fountain pens for nearly 50 years, I HAD NO IDEA that there was a “Fountain Pen Day.” I celebrated the day by visiting the various sites that listed special events for Fountain Pen Day and wished that I could purchase something from each. I couldn’t. I DID purchase one pen in a color I don’t normally buy in anticipation of needing it to match an ink I’ll open on my Diamine Inkvent Calendar. (I don’t peek in advance, so just in case I need a new pen to match an ink…)

  63. Sadly it’s close to exams in school so I can’t do anything fun. At least I’m doing my studying with fountain pens though!

  64. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day I engaged in a little retail therapy, purchasing some inks I’ve had my eyes on for a while 😉

  65. After a grueling hour at Costco (arghhhhh!), I came home and took a deep breath and wrote 2 letters with a lot of fountain pens and a lot of inks. Glorious way to unwind. And later, there will be some journaling with multiple fountain pens to work through the day. Deep contented sigh ️

    1. Howdy!
      I didn’t even realize it was Fountain Pen Day, but my Pilot Vanishing Point has been putting a ton of work in at a new educator’s conference in Santa Clara. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a bottle of ink with me, but that was a great excuse to swing by a nearby Japanese stationery store and pick up a bottle of Diamine Oxford Blue (as well as a few other sundries).
      Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  66. How fun that therr is a day to celebrate fountain pens! I will use the Montblanc I inherited from my mother when I journal in honor of the day.

  67. I am penabling a co-worker who wanted to buy my work pen from me. He gets a Pilot Metro that I do not love and all my Pilot cartridges.

  68. I have done so much holiday and thank you gift shopping today… life had a bunch of twists and turns this year and my people rallied around me in so many beautiful ways. From dip pens for stockings to fun inks to make the list of new pens I know they’ve gotten to big big thank you pen gifts, fountain pen day sales today let me say thanks to the family I chose in a physical way.

  69. For many years, I have kept a daily journal. I use a different ink and fountain pen (old, new, low cost, not so low) each week. I now use Col-O-Ring cards for each week with a color swab for the ink being used. I use the pen and ink I will be using to record that information on the card. After the week, I put a short review about what I thought about the pen and the ink on the card. I spent part of the day getting my 2024 Col-o-Ring index ready. I also ordered some more ink samples, some dip pen nibs to play with and a couple of fountain pens. It was a good day.

  70. I want to spend some real time shopping the sales today, but I need to get some things done before my trip. I have inks on my list and maybe a new pen if it’s at the right price!
    Instead I am wishing my pen friends a Happy FPD and sending them swatches and pics of pretty pens!

  71. I’ve been busy moving this past month, which has left me with less time for stationery, but I took some time to journal today, with a new ink, Kyo-Iro Cherry Blossom of Keage.

  72. I celebrated by using my KarasKustoms INK all day @work and by refilling my TWSBI ECO with my go-to Fall color, Monteverde Special Edition Coral. I wish i was lazily writing with my pens while lounging on the beach instead of being @ work all day.

    1. I celebrated by digging out a converter and filling my 5 year old daughter’s new Pelikan Pelikano with Herbin Rose Tendresse and watching her write a beautiful pink story about Santa.

  73. I haven’t gotten around to buying anything on sale, but I did go to Yoseka with some friends! Still might order something over the weekend…

  74. Oh, I’ve heard such good things about this pen I’ve always wanted to try it. I celebrated today by picking up a pen from Mythic Pens and a few bottles of ink from Birmingham Inks.

  75. I would LIKE to celebrate with a new ink purchase, but that’s not in the cards this year! So instead, I’ll treasure the pens and inks I have and spend some time journalling and maybe writing a letter to a penpal. 🙂 And ink up an uninked pen with an ink I haven’t used in a while.

  76. I cleaned out a pen with antifeather blue in it. Exciting, yeah?! But – I also ordered a VP coral for a great price as a long-overdue 50th birthday present to me! (Birthday is in July).

  77. I’m cleaning and refilling my clear kakuno that has an italic nib. Its the first pen I swapped a nib on 🙂
    While I’m waiting for it to dry I have to decide if it gets Noodlers Sunset or Herbin Rogue Grenat…

  78. For Fountain Pen Day, I’m composing another letter to my dear pen pal who’s returning to the US from Corsica. Since blue’s my favorite color, I have various blue inks and use 2 or more of these blue colors in my letter to her.

    I hope all of you are having delightful shorter or longer writing sessions on Fountain Pen Day.

  79. I celebrated by challenging myself to write everything with just one pen, even though I’ve got multiple inked up. I’ll see how long I can keep up with it, only changing pens when the one I’m using goes dry. Changing pens with each writing project to distinguish them is helpful, but sometimes it’s nice to just pick one star of the show and let it have the limelight.

  80. I listened to the Pen Addict podcast on my commute, and inked my Waterman Carene that I have used in a while. Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  81. I happily enjoyed two vintage pens: my first Parker 51 (I now believe the hype) and a Sailor pocket pen (made when Sailor and Platinum both made pens like Pilot’s e95s).

  82. The best way for me to celebrate Fountain Pen Day is by writing in my journal with my Twsbi 580 ALR, allowing myself to free write and put any pent up thoughts onto paper. Maybe jot a couple of to-do’s with my Vintage Pilot Elite (currently my favorite note taking pen).

  83. I did do a little shopping on FPD, but mostly enjoyed the streams (caught Brad at Atlas and a little of Independance Mike at Crazy Alan’s). I also cleaned out my husband’s pens for him, and gave him the Jekyll and Hyde ink I’d bought for him. He’s going to ink up a bunch of black pens with different black or mostly black inks this weekend. 🙂

  84. Hurrah for Fountain Pen Day. I would like to spend the day writing the Great American Novel long-hand with my favorite stub pen.

  85. I create award scrolls (elaborate certificates) for the Society for Creative Anachronism based on pre 1650s exemplars. I use fountain pens with custom ground cursive italic nibs to do the calligraphy. I will be working on one with an early Italian humanist hand this weekend.

  86. I spent the day working a late shift to assist with a migration of our hospital computers. It was tedious, but it was surprisingly fun!

  87. I’m watching my wallet this FPD, so rather than buying something new I’m inking up some well-loved pens that I haven’t played with in a while with some older ink samples—using what I got to make way for some future wave of acquisitiveness. I have some lovely pens tucked away, and it’s fun to revisit them.

  88. Happy fountain pen day to one and all. Im “celebrating” by looking at all the gorgeous pens and inks on offer… then realizing I can’t afford any of them, nor do I have any reason to use them… but at least I can dream… Anyway, thanks for the opportunity, I’ve heard many great things about the pen, and I hope the winner enjoys

  89. I actually started the day before researching Fountain Pen Day—this is my first. On the day of, got up at 4 am because, you know, the rest of the country was already in full swing and I needed to visit all my favorite pen sites—blogs and stores. I whiled away the hours reading, stocking up on ink and finally using every fountain pen with ink in the journal. Glorious.

  90. I spent most of my FPD on my bike… getting ready for a century ride in two weeks. I got to do a little journaling with my Platinum Little Shooting Star — which is a fantastic little pen.

  91. I used to use fountain pens regularly in college, but can’t find my pens since my latest move. I still use Pilot Varsity pens frequently, but have been longing for a pen that I can fill with bottled ink. My Amazon delivery person just dropped off a new Pilot Metropolitan, some ink, and a converter. I can’t wait to open the packages, get back into it, and hopefully find my old pens when I finish unpacking!

  92. To celebrate, I’ve inked up and am writing with a vintage fountain pen – my Mom’s Esterbrook SJ, pearlescent blue with a 1550 firm extra fine nib – the pen she used to write her high school essays! Inked with blue Parker Quink, for good measure. She switched to a typewriter for papers in college.
    Love Fountain Pen Day!

  93. On Fountain Pen Day I’m writing to my dear pen pal who’s returning to the US from Corsica. Since my favorite color is blue, I have some nice shades and hues of blue inks. I’ll use 2 or more of these blue inks when writing my pen pal letter.

    During Fountain Pen Weekend I hope you all have shorter or longer writing sessions with your various delightful fountain pens.

  94. My FPD was sort of a bust due to losing a furbaby, but I did order a few inks and a couple of inexpensive pens. When I’m feeling more cheerful, I’m going to post some ink swatches. I love doing that and just writing with my beautiful pens and inks.

  95. On FPD, I am teaching a friend about fountain pens. She found five fp’s that belonged to her grandfather so I’ll teach her how to clean and flush them out and ink them up for use.

  96. I celebrated with a long-overdue (rescheduled from before the pandemic) visit to see my sister, her daughter, and one of her sons. I made a point of reminding them that Friday was Fountain Pen Day, and they looked at me like I had three heads.

  97. Spent some time cleaning my pens and selecting new inks, mostly from new samples to switch things up and get more use from everything and enjoy.

  98. I splurged on a new fountain pen(Edison Comet), ink samples, and a color-o-ring to celebrate fountain pen day! Then I wrote with pretty pens and inks in my journal.

  99. Celebrating late; I’m going to take a deep breath and finally fill a Pilot refillable cartridge with some shimmery ink and use it in my Pilot Kakuno. Also planning to clean another Pilot and fill with my favorite blue-black cartridge.

  100. Well I told myself I’ll do a No Buy November but I caved and bought two pens… However I also sold some old ones, which means the ones I bought were free, right? Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  101. I was lucky enough to celebrate FPD with Mike and Aubrey at Crazy Alan’s Emporium in Chapel Hill, NC! Mike @inkdependence did a live stream to show off the changes at the store. On top of that, my fabulous partner surprised me with an Opus 88 mini that I have been wanting for a while – I filled it with Wearingeul Wayfarer (recommended by Ana at the Atlanta Pen Show). All in all, it was a perfectly pleasant pen day!

  102. I tested a new bottle of ink, J. Herbin Cafe des Iles, in a matching Lamy LX fountain pen for some snail mail!

  103. I cleaned my pens! What a chore and why do I wait so long to do this? My fingers are stained with ink and I accidently got some ink on the tile floor. After hearing my string of curses, my dog ran away and hid in her bed. But my pens are pristine and I put reminders in my planner to clean them more often.

  104. I think I would celebrate by journaling as normal. It’s a meditative practice that brings so much joy with the right tools!

  105. I didn’t get to celebrate Fountain Pen Day as I was stuck working on a PowerPoint presentation all day. But in a way, I celebrated it early as I had the opportunity to present a workshop on fountain pens last Sunday and teach a group of friends why fountain pens are worth the time and effort to use and how to use them.

  106. To be fair, every day is Fountain Pen Day. 🙂 But perhaps spending this FPD enjoying what I have and being thankful for all the fun options this hobby gives us – especially all the glorious shades of ink. Bliss.

  107. I’m celebrating using my pens. However, one of these days, I’m going to make it to the Ohio Pen Show (finally)!

  108. I unintentionally celebrated about a week early, when I stopped by Stylo and Nota Bene in Montreal while on a weekend vacation. Picked up the new Esterbrook Raven, and an all-brass Kaweco Supra, plus some Pelikan Olivine and Diamine Tobacco Sunburst to go with them. I’ll have a cleaning and re-inking session, and introduce them to the rest of the collection.

  109. I celebrated by writing with a Jinhao Shark and vintage Platinum P66-60 Honest fountain pen a Happy Fountain Pen Day on Instagram.

  110. This is the first year I’ve participated in Fountain Pen Day. Learning about and finding all the fun things going on. Thanks for all you do in the fountain pen world!

  111. I was lucky enough to spend the day at the Ohio Pen Show on fountain pen day. Came back with a limited Itoya Safari, a TWSBI eco, some ink and a grind my the Nib Tailor!

  112. Happy Fountain Pen Day, and thank you for the opportunity to share how I am celebrating.
    Actually, I started celebrating two months ago when I booked passage on a steamer to France, so that I would arrive in Paris in time to be sitting at a cafe on the Left Bank at midnight last night. I wanted to see the sun rise over Paris on Fountain Pen Day, while I continued work on my new book, The Sun Also Sets. It will be a sequel to Ernest’s little missive, but my version will follow the adventures of several nouveau-hippies (Generation Z-ers) in their feeble attempts to re-create Paris of the 1920s. Of course, they arrived 100 years too late, but that is exactly their point: to re-establish that period during which The Lost Generation established a history that did not quite exist. These Gen Z-ers are determined, this time around, to create a Zeitgeist that truly exists, both in their minds and in the minds of those who watch them acting out this piece de theatre. Since they have not (yet) survived a war, they are using the covid epidemic as the background tragedy that will support their desultory and debauched lifestyle.
    Since I am Hemingway certain that this will go straight to Hollywood, I am already in negotiations with several studios and quasi-studios (e.g., Amazon, Netflix–and I am using that term so I don’t piss off the “real studios) regarding casting. Scarlett Johansson called me before I even began the negotiations and is begging to have a lead role. Robert Downey, Jr. also called. Of course I want both of them, but I told them that I would need to place them in roles more appropriate to their ages, along with Leonardo and Meryl. Amazon believes that they can secure Timothee Chalamet, which would give the movie version the youth and francophile-ness that I’m seeking. I would love to see him opposite Florence Pugh, if she can work on her American accent. Don’t get me wrong–I love Florence Pugh and am in awe of her Russian Accent, but I told her that what I really need is a true mid-western dialect. She told me that she things she can have it down within six months, which should be just enough time to secure a book deal with one of the remaining Big USA publishing houses as well as a movie contract.
    I figure that the soundtrack should be by Zimmer or Carter Burwell, since Ennio Morricone is sadly no longer with us. Probably Carter, because he can combine that moody Twilight thing that he does so well with some of Ennio’s themes from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I feel very good about Carter, and he agreed to do the work at a discount for a small role. Probably a waiter in one of the many cafes we’ll need to use.
    That’s enough for now. I haven’t written today’s 1000 words, although this little piece has given me a couple of new ideas I think will really add to the book/script. It’s obvious now that one of the characters must be a social-influencer/gamer/disruptor, you know the type who invents things like electric cars and challenges other disruptors to cage matches. Oh, so Hemingway.

  113. This fountain pen day I will be doing some writing with a couple of vintage Sheaffer 440 pens. After that I will be looking at my ink collection for a nice match with the Pilot Custom 74 in the give away. Thank you for all the great reviews on your site!

  114. This is an amazing giveaway and I appreciate having the opportunity to win this beautiful pen!
    I celebrated Fountain Pen Day the way I celebrate fountain pens every day – I only used fountain pens all day! I also purchased the 2023 Pilot VP Kanreki to add to my yearly VP collection. Good thing fountain pens, inks, and FP-friendly paper options are my only real obsession!

  115. For fountain pen day, I when through and changed all the inks in my desk pens to get new colors for the new season.

  116. I am celebrating Fountain Pen Day by enjoying my new Pilot Custom 742 , filled to the brim with Noodlers Heart of Darkness.

    How I wish I was celebrating? Probably by being sequestered in a rustic mountain cabin with nothing but books, my pens, coffee and an unlimited supply of Nanami Seven Seas (old TRP) notebooks!

  117. I celebrated FPD by going to see DEVO in concert! I took advantage of having my friends as a captive audience and showed them the pocket fountain pen I’d brought along. Doing my best to spread the good word!

  118. I enjoy writing notes to my family and friends with my fountain pen because I feel it is more personal. Typing a letter can be faster, it is much easier to edit, but it carries so little emotion (unless a person wants to go back through their letter and swap fonts/styles). The handwritten note shows how hard a person pressed, or how lightly, how small they wrote or how swoopy they wrote while thinking on their words. A handwritten note is just more.

  119. I should have been cleaning out my pens and organizing my ink. Alas, it was a work day! Though a new pen might have slipped into my shopping cart. Also, of course, I was wondering when a new W-A Desk post might be manifested, as always!

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