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Has anyone else noticed the “early Black Friday” sales that have already started? With the state of the economy, inflation and world issues, companies big and small are hoping to boost end-of-year sales. From my own personal experience, as well as my jobby-job, I can tell you that sales for products are down about 20-25% for most businesses. Maybe not in the must-have areas like food and such but all the “little extras” are being postponed or skipped this year and retailers are hoping sales and deals in November and December will help their bottom line.

Black Friday
Is it sale season already?!?!

What’s your plan for the holiday season this year? Are you and your family spending more or less this year? Are you putting more money towards dining, cooking and activities and less to material goods? Are you feeling the pinch financially this year? Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about the state of spending and the earlier-and-earlier “Black Friday” sales.

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