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Last week, Frank from Fontoplumo launched a new website, ineedapenstore.com. His goal was to create a centralized location to help people who might be looking for nice pen shops around the world.  The site will also list manufacturers.
As the site is just getting started, a  lot of shops and info still needs to be added. But you can help! There are multiple ways people can add or suggest a shop:
  1. On the website, click “add “and choose “visitor”, then enter the details
  2. Email Hello@ineedapenstore.com to recommend a shop. Please try to include as much information as possible.
  3. There are links on the bottom of the website to WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook and Instagram so you can send a message with your favorite pen shop that way.
At the moment, the search area needs an option to “search by country” or an option to key in a country and see what stores are in that country. When traveling to another country, I am not likely to know a specific city name or town that might be just outside a major metropolitan area. I do hope that this option is added.
Also, I wish the map on the home page was clickable. The US is a big country but we have statistically very few brick-and-mortar pen shops. I just want to click and see ALL THE SHOPS!
Have you submitted your favorite local pen shop yet?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I was able to make a recommendation to add. 🙂
    I agree on the ‘search by country!’ I was just trying to do that, and pulled up nothing, but when I searched a specific store I knew existed, then I was able to find them. But yeah, not knowing the specific town that a shop is in, like a nearby suburb, or town over in a metropolitan area…. That would be very limiting. So I hope that’s added.
    It’d be neat to be able to click the map too and just kind of scroll around the globe! 😀

    1. Hello Jen,
      At shop search, click grip view and select map view.
      That will open up the map and you can enter any city around the globe and select search radius.
      This will then show all shops in the area

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