Link Love: 600 Episodes and Ink Love

First, I’d like to shoutout congratulations to Brad and Myke at Pen Addict podcast for 600 episodes in the proverbial can. Its a feat for any podcast to have managed to continue for 10 years but for it to be a podcast about PENS?!?! Pretty amazing. Congrats and thanks for making the pen community a better place.

Now, on to ink love in the form of new designs from our good friend, Calvin at Ink-a-Pet. For Valentine’s Day, Calvin has created new accessories for his ink sample vial holders. I couldn’t resist  decking out my Inktopus with a heart crown ($2). Be sure to check out the whole collection. These are my must haves to keep from tipping over my ink samples. Ready for February to be a month of hearts and flowers, chocolates and ink samples!




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  1. Thank you for reminding me that my Ink-a-pet Octopus desperately needs some accessories. (What was I thinking when I bought it and nothing else?) Casanova costume and pirate costume ordered!

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