Pen Review: Tombow Dual Brush Cottage Set

In my commitment to being a regular journaler, I have been adding some markers to my collection that will fill in gaps in my color ranges for my journal headers. I got the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Cottage Collection (10 Pen Set for $27) because it looked like a good opportunity to add colors I will like and a chance to use Tombow Dual Brush Pens a bit more.

The Tombow Dual Brush Pens have a flexible fiber brush tip on one end and a bullet-shaped tip on the other. The brush tip will allow for variable line widths when writing and the bullet tip will provide a monoline when needed.

I find the brush tip to be a medium flexible tip. To get the best range of strokes, a light hand will have better luck and blending light strokes with heavier strokes will have the greatest variety. In that regard, the brush tips can take a bit of experimentation and practice.

The bullet tips are easier for first time users. They are probably comparable to a 1.0mm felt tip or larger so they are not designed for fine details but will be good for adding headers to a bullet journal or underlining.

Tested on Tomoe River 52gsm paper.

All the colors are listed by a number designation only. The set included two green, two orange, a beige, a pale ivory, a blue, a pink, burgundy and a deep plum purple (almost black) pens. For the most part, I found the 910 ivory unusable for my purposes. If I were planning to use these pens for more drawing or art purposes, I might find it more useful but for writing purposes, it’s too light to really be useable for me. It might be useful as a blender if I want to try blending the colors of my pens… maybe? Something to consider. The other colors I think will be useful. The colors are a bit muted in tone and less expected than a lot of boxed pen sets. I don’t get “crayola” vibes from these colors at all. They feel more complex and intersting.

Pens tested on bright white, ivory and natural white paper.

My favorite colors are the greens (192 and 312), pink (772) and the burgundy (757). I think the oranges are a much needed citrus pop in my pen collection and will probably be used in the late summer and early fall. I even like the brownish tan (992) as it has a tea/coffee or fallen leaves vibe.

Close-up of pens tested on bright white paper and ivory paper.

Overall, the color range is to my liking for sure though I’m not sure that I would describe it as “cottagecore” though I’m not sure what colors would be in a cottage palette anyway. I just liked that the colors were more sophisticated and less primary than a lot of the pen sets available. I remain disappointed about the 910 color and think another blue or gray would have been preferred for usability.

Sample doodle on Tomoe River paper.

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