Ink review: Pennonia Ragi Bubblegum

In my ongoing quest to explore all that is peach ink, I liked the look of Pennonia Ragi Bubblegum ($16 for 60mL). While Americans often think of bubblegum as intensely pink, this one has those peach tones I was looking for!

According to Pennonia, Ragi Bubblegum is a pastel coral peach with medium shading. I would say the pastel, coral and peach are right on, though I think the shading is debatable.

In heavy applications like with a q-tip or ink splotch, you can definitely see the shading.

But when I get around to doing handwriting samples in nibs, I think this one is way too light to read as the nibs get finer.

The color itself is very pretty, and when I compare it to my trusty swatches you can see it fits in between the reddish/pink version of coral, and the melon-y orange Iwi ink I looked at last. I feel like I’m honing in on what I’m looking for, but I’m not there yet!

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