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My friends and I had a grand time watching the eclipse on Monday. We met in my pal’s backyard and we ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over the eclipse. In the Kansas City area, we were able to see 89.3% of the full eclipse. It was totally worth it to not drive anywhere, and get to see a cool solar event and then go get sandwiches. Did you get to see the eclipse?





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Even Arlo, my pal's dog, got to watch the eclipse -- and safely too!
Even my pal’s dog Arlo got a chance to check out the eclipse — safely!

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  1. I woke up on Eclipse Day feeling excited. I had made a pinhole projector out of a cereal box. Had eclipse glasses. It was a pretty good experience. I watched TV, seeing totality in Dallas, Little Rock, Indiana and Maine.

    The next day, I woke up feeling disappointed I didn’t get to see totality. I think events like eclipses should be shared with other people. I was alone. I did get to see totality in 2017, and wanted to see it again. But I’m a solo caregiver to my Mom, and travel is not in my life.

    I did have two pens inked with eclipse inks from Diamine and Van Dieman’s. One pen was the Visconti Rembrandt Eclipse pen. I bought eclipse notebooks. I’d rather have seen totality.

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