In The Shop: New Products Released

I’m so excited to announce THREE new products in our shop this week. Some of these products have been in the works for months, and others were just developed in the last month. All the details are listed below, including a video that goes into excessive detail about each product.

Col-o-ring Dividers

Let’s start with the new prototype product: Col-o-ring Dividers! We went crazy for these here at The Desk. Why didn’t we do these sooner?!?! Colored card stock dividers to help organize your ink swatches. Each set of Dividers includes 20 cards. Prototype pricing is $5 per pack.

We have a small number of prototype samples. We want your feedback! We need your feedback. If these are well-received, we will put them into larger production and improve the packaging and nail down the colors of the stocks.

This product is so limited right now we are only listing it on Big Cartel.

Letter Writing Stationery Sampler Kit

This project took forever! The Letter Writing Stationery Sampler Kit is finally done and we are so happy to share it with you. We created a limited run set of 4 different writing papers bound into a notepad (40 sheets total) and matching envelopes (5 of each paper, 20 envelopes total). We, of course, letterpress printed a wraparound cover for the notepad and hand assembled the kits in my cat-filled studio so expect at least one stray cat hair.

The set includes a set of guide sheets. And there’s also a postcard to send back to us with your feedback. Letter Writing Kits will begin shipping out on Thursday, May 16, 2024. If you place an order between now and Thursday, order will ship on Thursday.

Side Quests Notepad

We all have them. Life Side Quests. The stuff that keeps us from clearing the next level, besting the boss level or leveling up our characters. Wow, if those are metaphors for life, I don’t know what is? But seriously, all those side quests to the grocery store, post office and deli just get in the way of our game time. So, use our handy-dandy Side Quests notepad to tame those quests so you can get back to your game.

Full details for these pads are in the shop but if you’ve purchased pads from us in the past, the Side Quests pads are the same size, same number of sheets and paper that doesn’t hate your fountain pen.

Oh, and because I’m feeling extra, there’s even a video that goes into more detail about each of the products. Because, why not?!?!

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