Link Love: A Pen Collector By Any Other Name?

We have referred to ourselves as pen addicts, pen junkies, pen nerds, etc etc… and none of these descriptions are particularly flattering. To some, these terms could even seem a little insensitive to anyone who actually deals with addiction. So, Chronicles of a Fountain Pen did some research for other descriptive terms that we could use to describe pen enthusiasts.

Which of these terms do you prefer?

  • Penneography – in the spirit of John Scheffer – means the study of pens,
  • Stileophile or Stylophile – one who loves pens,
  • Estilophile – synonym of “stileophile,” one who loves pens.
  • Archæostylophylogeny – the study of early fountain pens as it pertains to their evolution and grouping and how they split off from one another. (courtesy of the Vintage Pen Doctor)

The last one… its as hard to spell and pronounce as the term for stamp collectors, Philatelist. MY local pen club uses Stylophile but I kind of like Penographer or Penneographer. It leans into the “graphy” — writing part of pen love.

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My life will never be the same after this! And my ink collection may actually diminish even faster!




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  1. Not sure what the best alternative name should be, but I am always glad when someone shares their compulsion to collect another fountain pen, notebook, box of stationery, bottle of ink, etc., because it assures me that I am not alone in having enough of these things to open their own stationery shop! Wonder if anyone else feels the same?

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