Link Love: Astronomical Wonders

Link Love

This week we travel from the Chicago Peh Show all the way to the stars. Is it just me or has this year been particularly stellar, astronomically speaking? I know some people tink between the eclipse and the auroras, we are about to see the end of times but, to me, being able to see these phenomenon (if only through photos) feels magical and amazing. It reminds me to see all the wonders in the world big and small. May you find a little wonder this week too!

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  1. I am now obsessed with finding Pigeon Blue ink anywhere in the USA that will ship. Google has not helped. Even Dromgoole’s (local pen store) doesn’t list it.

    1. It’s one of my all time favorites. Did you check at Vanness? They stock most of the Deatramentis inks.

      1. Yep. And Anderson, and Goulet, and even JetPens. And Amazon. the only place I could find it was at the De Atramentis website, where the shipping cost to the US is about the same as the purchase price. I’ll keep looking and maybe inquire about special orders.

          1. Guess what! Mike contacted my right away and said he had a restock order coming from De Atramentis but that it had been delayed.

            And then today he sent me this: “I had a memory yesterday. Because everybody thinks about ink colors on the weekend. Pigeon Blue was renamed Colombin Blue a while back. I do have a bottle of it in stock.”

            So! In case I wasn’t the only one pining for Pigeon Blue, there is hope. A bottle and an indigo/bronze TWSBI ECO stub will be on their way to me shortly.

          2. That’s awesome! If I buy another bottle, I might decant it into the Pigeon Blue bottle because I like pigeons. I know, I’m a weirdo.

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