Help me choose an ink color for my new pen!

Ana’s gorgeous post got me hook, line and sinker and I just had to have the Esterbrook x Bungubox Kachofugetsu Flower Fountain Pen. It arrived yesterday and I was faced with a big decision: what to ink it with? As it turns out, I don’t know if I have the right ink!

I decided that I wanted the ink to be pink, and I’d like it to be legible. My first thought was Sailor Sakura Mori, but that is more peach and the Kachofugetsu Flower design is pink leaning lilac or purple. So here are my choices:

What do you think I should choose? I’m leaning towards Robert Oster Dusky Pink, but maybe there’s an ink I don’t have that I need. What would you choose?

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  1. The Hope Pink immediately jumped out, but I think the KWZ Raspberry has staying power the longer I look at it.

  2. Hi! If i’d like pink pens and inks, which i don’t, i would pair that pen with the Pilot Budo ink. Cheers! Vic, from Portugal.

  3. Robert Oster Dusty Pink. Absolute best match, plus it looks like it shades gorgeously. Have fun with your new pen! It’s beautiful.

  4. Laura,

    You can't go wrong. Is it more important to match with the pen or to have an ink that will provide a background that shows up the design of the pen? I think Kindness or Dusty Pink are good matching inks, but one of the darker, more vibrant inks might show off the pen itself a bit more. You can always do a partial fill that will be easy to write out as test. You will be letting us know what you choose and showing us a writing, I hope? Have fun deciding!


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