I’m off to St. Louis!

Ana mini cooper and a giant Col-o-ring on the roof, headed to a pen show

Today, with my trusty Mini Cooper packed solid with Dromgoole’s ink and pens, I am driving from one side of Missouri to the other to go to the St. Louis Pen Show. With the help of Retro 51 legend Marty and his family, we are representing Dromgoole’s at the show. We will have lots of ink, Retro 51s, Rickshaw Bagworks pen cases and, of course, a smattering of Well-Appointed Desk merchandise.

Laura will be joining us on Saturday to walk the show, take a couple workshops, help us out at the table and generally keep me company. She will even get a chance to experience my food nirvana, Bombay Food Junkies. They make the most amazing non-dairy milkshakes. I’ve been dreaming about them for a whole year!

The class schedule for the show looks amazing with journaling classes, calligraphy classes, pen repair classes and even a letterpress printing class.

Don’t forget to check out their Pen Show Tips. The info is applicable to any pen show and I’m delighted they included it. My favorite tips are about carrying snacks, cash and a notebook. Also, the tip about not carrying a backpack is a great one. A sling bag, messenger or tote is much more crowd-friendly and can be kept closer to your body so you don’t hit anyone in the head with your bag or knock over a whole shelf of products. (Ask me how I know).

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