June to July Planner Set-Up (with VIDEO!)

I can’t believe Monday is July 1. It’s time to look at my planner again and figure out what’s woking, what’s not and what my theme will be for July.

As I edge closer and closer to pen show mayhem (i.e. 4 shows in 10 weeks) my planning and personal logging tends to get pretty splotchy. On days when I am sitting in an airport, I have time to log events and put down any thoughts or memories I want to save. On pen show days, I’m up at dawn and often don’t have a quiet moment until I’m asleep on my feet well past dark. As a result, some pages get filled to the brim while other pages look abandoned. My goal is to carry a few supplies with me to help fill out pages that don’t have as much writing — glue sticks for adding receipts, washi tape to tip-in postcards or other ephemera.

My theme for July is ocean, mermaid, and beach theme. Even though I live in flyover country, I miss the ocean. I will (sort of) see both coasts within the month so there will be a little salt in my hair, even if its just running from the airport and back. I think the tropical flowers, shells, fish and sea creatures will at least provide me with a vicarious taste of salty air and sandy toes.

I’ve been saving all these 3×5 index cards with my colors of the month so that at the end of the year, I’ll be able to see all the pens I did actually use!

The Pen List:

The Supply List:

More stamps, ink pads and clear blocks can be found in our shop! If I forgot links to anything in the video, please drop a note in the comments and I’ll add it.

I hope you are enjoying these monthly planner set-up and my themes. Please let me know if you want to see an actual “plan with me” video for August and I will make sure my camera is all charged up.

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