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I often worry that Link Love is just another way to promote consumption and consumerism. I hope that each week, as you read Link Love, you see it as an opportunity to live vicariously through other people’s collections. By reading and using your discernment, you can sometimes say to yourself, “that must be great for them but that (fill in the blank) is just not for me.” So that, on occasion, you can conscientiously make purchasing decisions.

I enjoy that this week there are some posts that re-evaluate tools that may already be in your collection and maybe the posts will convince you to reach into your stash and try them again (like the Stabilo Boss Highlighters, the Pilot Vanishing Point and the Uni-Ball One). I also love that, like me, Kimberly at Pen Addict waited to swatch her Inkvent calendar until halfway through the year. Decembers have just been too stressful and busy for me to have the bandwidth to swatch each day or even once a week. Inkvent in July should definitely be a thing.




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  1. I appreciate your thinking about the liberal cost of penabling, but I never feel that way about Link Love. It’s educational and extremely entertaining.

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