Happy Tape carries a lovely range of washi tapes. Washi tape is an adhesive tape made from a Japanese handmade paper called washi that is somewhat transparent, easy to tear and archival. Happy Tape stocks the tapes in singles, duos or multi-packs in an array of colors and patterns. From $5 for single rolls to $36 for 10-pack sets.

Notebook Stories featured a short piece about two

Notebook Stories featured a short piece about two notebook-like apps for the iPhone. One is called Egretlist ($2.99) which syncs with Evernote but its interface, while fun has been developed for the iPhone specifically and it doesn’t look like a version has been released yet that takes advantage of the added real estate of the iPad which is what I’ve been looking to find. Do It (tomorrow) is a free app and is pretty stripped down and simple.

I like the casual look to these applications but I think over the long-run I might prefer sleek and easy-to-read over cute and quirky. Helvitnote, here I come.

I also believe the quiet, meditative aspects of writing are lost on this generation. At one time the practice of forming letters beautifully was a useful and calming way to spend time and energy. It was the way my mother kept me still and content during long sermons at church.  She would give me a page on which she had written the alphabet and allow me to copy it over and over — nice memory.  In fact, there is a written meditation practice called Japa that is merely the written repetition of a particular word or symbol page after page.

From an article entitled Is The Pen Mightier Than the Keyboard by Ross McClain, Associate Professor of Art at Furman University.