Tips for the Perfect Home Office

• Wall-mounted lamps free up space and prevent unsightly cables cluttering up the back of the desk.

• A perpetual calendar is both stylish and practical.

• Glass paperweights add decorative style to a simple desktop and are surprisingly useful.

• Paper the wall behind the desk with a subtle tone-on-tone patterned wallpaper, to give the work space colour and interest without being too bright and distracting.

• Keep telephone details close to hand with a tidy index-card box.

• Choose a desk with a drawer or shelving configuration, which is ideal for concealing small stationery items.

from Homes & Gardens

Diacarta is a visual calendaring application for the iPhone. Its simple with icons and a visual representation of events. Great way to keep track of personal tasks but probably not suitable for business. Does not (yet) sync with iCal or support repeating events. But its pretty! Available on iTunes for a mere $1.99, its certainly worth a try.