Frank Chimero is one of my favorite artists and, lo and behold, he created this lovely typewriter collage so that I could share it with all you fine folks. Enjoy!


Continuing this week’s preview of pieces for my show on Friday at Land here in gray Portland.

I’ve been writing more this year, more than ever, and I can’t help but romanticize the idea of a typewriter, a blank desk, and a stiff drink. That’s what writerdom is, right? The clunk-thud-clack sound of a typewriter versus the clickity-click of my keyboard just seems to be more resonant. “I’m writing something, damn it! Hear my thuds!”

Show Details:
If Someone Asks This is Where I’ll Be
Land Gallery / Portland, OR / 3925 North Mississippi Ave
Opening Reception: Friday, August 6th @ 6pm

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