Adler Tippa Script Typewriter

I thought I’d share some photos of my latest typewriter acquisition. It is an Adler Tippa which was made in West Germany. What little research I could find on the internet revealed little about when the typewriter was produced. As West Germany was reunified with East Germany in 1990 and the notes about the ribbon in the back (see below) start in the 80s, so I at least know the end date. Best guess is that its from the 60s.

The key protector in place. Mr. Nichols kept the key protector

According to the very helpful staff at Office Machine Mart (a shop that has been repairing and selling office equipment in Kansas City for over 70 years), I was informed that a card of some sort was often included with a typewriter to help protect the typebars in transport. I am thrilled that the typewriter has kept this amber plastic piece all these years.

I think I'll need a new roller

Close-up of the keys

Its industrial, Cold War beige is charming and totally utilitarian. But it hides a romantic soul.

And the best part....

Under that staid exterior beats a heart that wants to write poetry and love letters in its soft cursive script.

The Adler Tippa manual Diagram inside the manual. Meticulous notes in the back page

Inside the back cover of the manual were notes from the previous owner about when the ribbon had been changed. I too need to add a note as the fine fellows at Office Machine Mart provided me with a new ribbon last week.

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  1. Probably my favourite typewriter of all time. I finally acquired one for my own work desk today.
    Love this. Love your enthusiasm.
    All the best,
    Your friend in typing… M.

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