With all the hullaballoo in the past couple weeks, I completely forgot to post photos of the goodies I received from Lost Crates. This is my third “crate”. The first crate was so spot-on in regards to my personal tastes that I wasn’t surprised or delighted but I was completely satisfied. In an effort to mix things up a bit, I revised my profile quiz on Lost Crates for my second crate and was a little less enthused with the goods I received. They were not bad at all just not entirely to my taste which was clearly my own fault for messing with the quiz. So this month, I revised my quiz back and the box I received was AWESOME! It was filled with things that totally made me smile — useful but fresh.

scrabble pencil set from this month's lost crate

The Scrabble pencils couldn’t be more perfect for me. I love word games and play about a dozen online Scrabble games at a time.  Also in the box was a Penguin Jack Kerouac “On the Road” blank book and Decomposition Book (a composition book filled with 100% post-consumer waste paper). Good stuff!

arrow paper clips from kikkerland via lost crates

The arrow paper clips are fun and whimsical and just what I needed to lift my spirits. So, I definitely feel like Lost Crates is a good value and fairly accurate in matching products to someone’s taste if you answer the quiz honestly.

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