I decided to try out the Kuretake Dry Erase Liquid Post Chalk Marker Pen at work to cut down on the dust and mess of traditional chalk in my already dusty cubicle at work. I have a lovely chalkboard message board handpainted by Mary Kate McDevitt which was the perfect testing ground.

(via me on Flickr)

Post Chalk Pen

The pen goes on wet but clear and gets whiter as it dries.

Post Chalk Pen

It took a bit of elbow grease to rub the “chalk” off after it was dry but no worse than regular chalk and a bit more permanent. I found this helpful for the leftie hook since it made it a bit harder to smear. This pen would be great on coffee shop boards for the “coffee of the day” on a sandwich board as a light brush up against it would not smear it. Using water will wipe the board completely clean.

($2.15 per pen, available in white and several other colors from JetPens, of course.)

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