Review: Zig Letter Pen Cocoiro

Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen

When I initially purchased the Zig Letter Pen, I only bought the holder. I didn’t realize the cartridge was sold separately. So, after a frustrating wait with an empty pen case, I received cartridges to fill it. Oddly enough, the end of the pen projects out of the pen case in kind of a jarring way. While I like the texture of the matte-finish pen, the wonky protruding pen cartridge really disappointed me. But since I finally had cartridges, I figured I would go ahead and put it to use. Maybe it writes better than it looks?

Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen

The cartridge has a fairly fine-point, fiber brush tip. As opposed to other brush pens I prefer, the fiber tipped tend to lose their pointy-ness over time, particularly on toothy paper stock.

Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen

I tested it on some fairly smooth paper (Ecosystem blank) and what pleased me most was the richness of the black, very solid which is great for sketching and drawing. Brand new, the pen held a fairly fine point but I don’t know how well it will wear over time, the tip already looks a bit frayed.

Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen

I bought several different colors but I always seem to end up going back to black since I use brush pens mostly for work which means the art is scanned and manipulated digitally and black scans the cleanest.

In the end, for blackest black, fine point reusable brush pens, this isn’t bad. I do find the exposed end a little strange-looking though I see that it does allow you to see if there is still ink in the cartridge. Though I’m a sucker for anyone who will sell me something in acid-y lime green, this does not rank high in my pen hierarchy.

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  1. How do you get the ink to flow down? Does it automatically flow or is there a way to push the ink through?

    1. The ink should flow down within a couple minutes by gravity. If you hold the pen tip down and do some gentle figure 8s or recap and set it in a pen cup for a few minutes, the ink should flow down to the tip. Unless you are currently stationed on the space station? Then you may have to wait until you return to earth!

  2. I like the vividness of the ink colors – especially the Bordeaux (bloody red – brownish hue). I initially bought 2 sets (barrel and cartridge) just to test how it works and its quality. But now I wanted more. It writes well and may bleed through some cheap papers. I can write legibly for notes and can do coloring works or calligraphy with its extra fine brush tip. For beginners (calligraphy), this pen is very good. And did I say a collectible, too?!

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