A new iPad and the hunt for accessories

So, in preparation for a big trip, I fell off the bandwagon (again) and bought a new iPad. Yeah, one of those newfangled iPads with the Retina display. This purchase was not made without some trepidation; I had owned one previously and found it too devoted to games and content-consumption and not enough about making, editing, and reviewing content, not to mention iPads are not inexpensive. That said, when I compared the other options available at the moment that would let me watch movies and tv, read books and magazines, and on occasion check my email, twitter or web, there weren’t many options: the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet/Color were about the only other candidates in the running. I KNOW there are other options but as a fairly devoted Apple-user I was not quite ready to go down a fully-Android path.

So, now we come to the crux of my issues. I need a good cover/case for my new gadget as well as a good bag to trek across the globe with.

So far, I’ve been debating upon just getting one of Apple’s stock magnetic Smart Covers as I’ve not seen much in the way of small, reasonably-priced protective covers for the new iPad.

As for other goodies, I did stumble upon the Moop Messenger No.4 for iPad. While slightly out of my price range at $185, it looks lovely. I’m intrigued by the names of their other models as well, including The Letter Bag and The Letter Clutch.

Any suggestions for accessories, apps, cases or bags for our fine readers? Leave them in the comments! Thanks!

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  1. Check out Rickshaw Bag Works. I don’t own an iPad, but I do have and love their sleeve for my MacBook Pro. One of the nicest things about Rickshaw is that you get to customize the colors and fabrics for your sleeve, and it’s then made to order.
    I think reasonable prices as well.

  2. Can’t comment on bags or cases, but two apps I couldn’t live without are: OmniFocus and Orchestra. OmniFocus has a cult following (and a nearly equal number ofdetractors), but it can be used at many levels. If you really get into it (I think I am about a 55%-er) you never really think anything else will suffice. I use Orchestra for recording very quick notes, but it requires an Internet connection. (I have tried other similar apps, and there are literally hundreds available, but these work, port or synch to my main computer, and have never left my aging memory down.) Enjoy.

  3. Ooooh, I like the look of the Rickshaw Bags. Timbuk2 has a small messenger that will do for a little less. Timbuk2 bags are almost indestructable.

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