AutoPoint TwinPoint Mechanical Pencil

Autopoint Red/Blue 0.9mm

Thanks to a tip from Carolee at Good Mail Day, I am now the proud owner of not just a red/blue pencil but a mechanical red/blue pencil. I purchased the Autopoint TwinPoint from PencilThings and was able to choose from an assortment of configurations for this classic looking mechanical pencil. There were several lead sizes to choose from 0.5mm to 1.1mm as well as options in body color (black or cream) and lead colors: red/black, red/blue, red/green.

I purchased the 0.9mm, black body with red/blue, of course. The pencil feels very solid and well-made. The design reminds me of something my Dad had when I was a kid so I am enamored with the looks. The leads are advanced by twisting and there is no wobble in the leads — they are held firmly in place.

Autopoint in action

The blue looks like a fairly good non-repro shade though I haven’t tested it yet. I found the red to be a bit pinky in color. I wish the red was a bit more of a clear fire-engine red. I still need to test the erasability of the lead colors as well so I’ll definitely have a follow-up on this pencil.

Overall for the price, the quality cannot be beat. I am seriously considering investing in another variety — maybe the thicker 1.1mm leads?

The pen comes with one package of leads in each color selected for $8.49. Additional leads are available for $1.70-$1.80 per pack of 12.

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  1. I have one I’ve been using since about 1968 & the red “lead” has always been that somewhat weak or pink color. To me, that’s part of its charm!

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