Reclaimed Teacher’s Desk

This is a warm, woody desk, whose former job was to support a typewriter or a very tired teacher, has been revived as a workstation for a computer which suits its dropped center perfectly for an ergonomic place for a keyboard. The pull-out shelves on each side would be perfect for papers and a cup of coffee.

(via HGTV Canada, home of Lily from Birch + Bird, photo by Janis Nicolay)

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  1. I squealed when I saw this desk on Tumblr this morning. I have the basic one, without the typewriter section in the middle… and I have never seen it online before. We found it in a tiny surveying office in rural Ontario, and they were getting rid of it. The best part is seeing that the supports on the bottom are black here, too–I’ve always thought that they were added by the original owner.

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