A recent thrift score was this box of unused Ko-Rec-Type, typewriter printing error correction paper. The concept behind this material was to back space over to your mistype, insert this white paper into the typewriter, retype the mistyped characters, thereby “deleting” the original letters as the Ko-Rec-Type has white film that would cover your mistake.

Ko-Rec-Type box

Each sheet has little perforated segments of correction paper that can be used or removed as needed and each sheet is wrapped in a glossy sleeve with the same rad graphics on it that appear on the cover of the box. On the back of the wrap are the instructions for use. Crazy!

Directions for Ko-Rec-Type

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  1. that package’s typography is a bad mama jama.

    as much as i bitched about word while working on my thesis,
    i need to grateful that i didn’t have to do corrections on it
    by typewriter!

    great find, girl!

  2. It is nice to know that they still make this stuff. I used to never leave home without it! That was back in the day before computers and all we used were manual typewriters to do our work on. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Hello, great find! Just wondering if you willing to sell any of yours, or if you know where I can buy some? I live in Melbourne Australia and it’s almost impossible to get it here…thankyou.
    Kind regards

    1. I don’t have more than one pad of paper but look for any typewriter paper in local charity shops and online sales. I’m sure there’s still some floating around in Australia!

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