Pantone mess no more

Pantone Chip disaster

As a designer, one of the most common bits of detritus on my desk are little squares of color known as Pantone chips. There is one or two in the dish under my monitor, a couple more in a desk drawer, a few more tacked to a 3×5 and so on. But for every one chip that is actually used for a project, there are three or four others that get pulled out of the book for comparison or consideration. The key here is that Pantone color books are VERY expensive so no one ever throws away an unused chip. So, what do we do with all those leftovers?

Getting them organized by color

Enter Slip. It is a heavy-duty plastic sleeve with little slots to hold unused chips in a truly usable way. Being a little OCD, I organized my chips into the Slip sleeves by color but they can be filled by project, in numerical order or all hurdy-gurdy if you prefer. But you can see each chip so you can easily find a chip that may have been pulled out of the book before tearing a new chip. Genius!

All tidied up with Chip Slips!

Packs of five pages are $12.95 and packs of ten are $19.95.

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  1. That reminds me of my stamp albums that let you easily slide in your stamp collection! And I think those little chips are so pretty just on their own!

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