Autopoint Overload

Autopoint advertising mechanical pencils

You may recall the megaton of vintage office supplies I got last week? Well… that wasn’t everything. In my opinion, I saved the best for last. In the bounty was not one but eight different advertising mechanical pencils all from Autopoint. Yep, the same company that is still in business making the beloved Twinpoint.

These little gems were all in mint condition and came from the same collection so they all feature Midwestern businesses. Each pencil advertises a bank, farm co-op or machinery company, much to my delight.

Mechanical pencil close-up

There are two sizes of pencil as well, the regular sized which is comparable in diameter to a hexagonal pencil and the jumbo which is a bit thicker and more similar to the size of a “manly” fountain pen.

Both sizes of pencil are still available through the Autopoint web site and cost $4.50 each. Replacement leads and erasers are also available if you happen upon any of these vintage gems that need a refill.

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