Muji 0.5 Retractable (Don’t LIME if I do)

Muji 0.5 green retractable pen

Do I have a soft spot for anything lime green? Yes. I do. So when I spied the lime green retractable gel pen at the Muji store, I was weak to the temptation. Sadly, lime green is often a difficult color to read on paper, particularly if it has to fight with grids, lines or other markings that are often darker than the precious lime green ink. Sadly, the Muji 0.5 retractable suffered the same fate. It writes smoothly, has a nice soft grip, is in the fine tradition of Muji virtually free of all graphics and logos and cost a mere $1.29US. So, while I would not necessarily recommend this particular shade of ink for anyone but the diehard lime-green fans out there, I would recommend snatching up a few of the other colors available next time you are within shouting distance of a Muji shop.

Sadly, the retractable 0.5 gel ink pens are not available online through Muji.

Muji 0.5 green retractable pen

(This pen was tested on the Miquelrius medium flexible 300 grid paper book purchased from B+N.)

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