Incense Cedar Sierra Slip-On Mechanical Pencil: Nice pencil, revolting name

Sierra Mechanical writing sample

The Incense Cedar Sierra Slip-On, the mechanical pencil with the unfortunate name, is a classic hexagonal wooden pencil that has been hollowed out and replaced with a standard mechanical mechanism. This pencil combines the best of both worlds — the fine smell of cedar wood, comfortable and classic look of the hexagonal and the no-sharpener-needed ease of mechanical pencils. It can be loaded with a few extra leads of your favorite hardness for travel and long use. The pink eraser works tolerably well but the pressure to erase may cause the lead to advance since its a click-advance mechanism.

I find this pencil aesthetically pleasing but the eraser, like most erasers-on-the-end-of-pencils erasers, proves a bit of disappointment because it advances the leads. Its novel and I like it and will use it but its not going to be my go-to mechanical pencil.

Purchased at City’Super in Hong Kong for approx. $32HK (about $4 US). A pink version is available for Stationery Art.

Incense Cedar Sierra Mechanical pencil

Sierra Mechanical pencil details

Sierra Mechanical pencil eraser

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