Pilot Frixion Colors and Point 0.4

Pilot Fixion

While in Hong Kong, I was able to pick up both the Pilot Frixion Point 0.4 (similar to a rollerball or gel ink pen) and two Pilot Frixion Colors (which are more akin to a felt tip pen).

Pilot Fixion pens, capped

I purchased a black and brown Frixion Color from a small stationery shop in Hong Kong called Chun Kee  (no jokes please). On paper, the inks were not as dark and opaque as a Sharpie and the erasability (using the friction eraser) would not make these appropriate for labeling boxes or other places where a permanent dark line is needed.  But, the erasability did work as advertised which was kind of cool though I don’t know how often I would use it. An advantage of the lighter inks is that it did not feather or bleed through much on my standard notebook  If you’re looking for a felt tip pen that does not bleed through on the average notebook paper and is erasable, this may be just what you want.

Pilot Frixion Colors and Point 0.4

One unusual quirk that I discovered between the Frixion Colors and the Frixion Point is that the eraser tip on the Colors was on the cap so you need to post the cap on the end to have it available as you write. Alternately, on the Frixion Point, the eraser was on the end of the pen body so if you post the cap, the eraser is hidden. I don’t necessarily say one method is preferred but I find the inconsistency between models a little odd.

Pilot Frixion Point 0.4

Now, let’s talk about the Frixion Point 0.4. I purchased the blue-black model which had super smooth flowing ink and a sharp thin line comparable to a Pilot Precise V5 which is my go-to big box pen for ease-of-use and quality for the price. The Frixion adds the ability to erase to the equation making it a great option for notes and rough drafts. The ink quality alone is enough to recommend this pen, the eraser is just a bonus.

So, for what purposes would you use these pens?

Pilot Frixion pen tips

Final word:

Pilot Frixion Point 0.4 in blue-black. Recommended. $3.75 US

Pilot Colors in black and brown. Interesting but not sure of its usefulness. Maybe a bright color like orange or yellow to annotate notes might make this a useful tool but the black and brown seem to serve little purpose for me. $1.75 each US

(This pen was tested on the Miquelrius medium flexible 300 grid paper book purchased from B+N.)

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  1. I tried out a Frixion rollerball in .5mm and I am ambivalent toward it. I like the pen, but the erasure is not complete, and often it leaves black streaks. It could be improper usage on my part.

  2. I really enjoy using those Frixion pens! I have the light green version of the Frixion Point (I love the 0.4!), a pink “color” felt tip one, and a few Frixion Balls from Japan in red, green and black. The Points are also available at Walgreens in black but I prefer the tiny points of the Japanese versions!
    I am someone who re-writes her grocery list if it isn’t perfect, so I use the Frixion pens a lot in my daily life. Also, I use them to write in my calendar (way nicer than pencil, and my schedule changes too often for pen).
    Also, I’ve heard that you can use the pens to write on fabric (for example, to freehand an embroidery pattern) and if you mess up, heating the mistake with an iron makes the ink disappear. (I’ve never tried it.)
    I, too, have wondered about the placement of the “eraser”…there HAS to be a reason, right?

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