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A reader recently asked Economy Pens what the best tool would be for a book signing. I remembered reading about the tools used by Neil Gaiman from an article from Netmouse on “Neil-Handling“. I thought I’d quote the writing tools section specifically here but if you’re a fan on Neil, you may be entertained to read the whole article.

Neil usually provides his own pens, but it’s good to be prepared to procure replacements.

Most often I have seen him sign books with a fountain pen, using brown ink (filling the pen from a bottle). For most comic books, CD covers, and some books he generally switches to a silver pen. The best kind of silver pens are the ones with a calligraphic tip that you have to shake to get started. Those can be purchased at any book and art supply store. In a pinch he can use a silver Sharpie, but he says those run out more quickly.

A black Sharpie is also useful for some comic books and for signing t-shirts and random objects. Since these are so generally handy, I suggest you carry one with you.

High-quality rollerball pens or gel pens are also nice to have around. At Worldcon Neil switched to these because his fountain pen wasn’t working well.


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