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Uni Mitsubishi Stamp Pad and chop

My absolute favorite find while traveling in Asia was this Uni Mitsubishi Stamp Pad (HSN-S30K) in red and a custom made chop from Stanley Market with my name carved into the bottom.

Uni Mitsubishi Stamp Pad and wooden chop

The stamp pad was purchased at CN Square in Hong Kong for $36HK (a little more than $5US) while I paid about $10US for the small wood stamp (extortionate but I wasn’t in the mood to haggle with the vendor as it was the coolest one I had found).

While I could not read the box that the stamp pad came in, its a little puffy round pad perfect for registered seal frequently used in Asian cultures. It was the only one left in the store or I would have bought out the stock. It snaps shut tightly so its perfect for on-the-go stamping and the ink dries quickly. Of course, I’ve used it with the  little chop I’ve bought. I’m horrified what I’ll do when it dries out as I have no way to find a new one. Anyone know were I might find more?

My chop

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  1. These chop ink pads are plentiful at Japanese dollar stores here in SF…so, if you can’t find any more efficient solution, consider me your supplier.

  2. Just re-ink the pad. You can get ink in bottles with rollers (like the old roll-on deoderants) in office supply stores. (Or you used to be able to find them there.)

  3. Thank you all for this very neat conversation reg ink pads fopr chops-seals.
    Founfd the conversation while searching for supplies to mark my prints! I’ll tag this site and will report back reg success in locating the mitsubishi pad, long distance in Ssan Francisco Japan town. Hope they have it, Still looking also for ready made beautiful
    seal – could be a drago being we are in 2012 !!

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