Kaweco Allrounder vs. Student: The Purchasing Debate

Let me start off by saying I have not yet handled either of these pens but based on the descriptions listed, let me go through the differences (and similarities) between the Kaweco Allrounder ($106) and the Kaweco Student ($56). Also, let me clarify that I started this research for my own benefit as I was trying to decide which full-sized Kaweco I wanted to purchase and decided I might go ahead and share with you, my fine readers. Shall we proceed?

The Kaweco Allrounder has an anodized aluminum body while the Kaweco Student has a plastic body. Both have stainless steel, iridium-tipped nibs. The Allrounder is slightly longer at 5.3″ to the Student’s 5.125″. Both have twist threaded caps like the Sport Classic and AL Sport models and because of the larger pen size, both can be used with a converter or you can store a spare cartridge inside the pen body.

At present, JetPens stocks the Student in black, white and demonstrator blue in fine or extra fine nibs. The Allrounder is available in red, blue, black and silver with a wider range of nib sizes.

So, for me, only question is whether the $50 price difference for an aluminum body fountain pen is worth it. I have an aluminum body Lamy that I’m lukewarm about. If you require a medium or broad nib, then the Allrounder may be your best option but, at the $100+ price point, there may be other fountain pens in the running. In my opinion, once you go over the $100 price point for a stainless steel nib pen, there are lots of other options and I am a diehard loyalist of the Kawecos when you talk about the under-$30 fountain pen.

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