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Seriously, the Japanese know that stationery items are worthy of just as much love as fashion. This is one volume of the Stationery magazine that a friend brought back from Japan for me. Its over 100 pages of stationery porn. Other issues can be found on if you can navigate the Kanji.


Inside are beautiful photos of products that fans of JetPens may have seen and many products that may be new as well. More things I can covet, for sure!


There was a fabulous story about a man who collected red/blue pencils and vintage pencils. So cool to see how he had mounted them to board with elastics (plotting my own way to display my vintage pencil collection now!).


There was even a page that featured all the colors available of the Pilot Hi-Tec C and the Kuretake Zig CocoIro Pens.


Look at all those pages! I am going to go ahead and try to order other issues because this magazine is totally made for me! Does anyone else know a domestic source for these magazines?

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  1. The Stationery Magazine is absolutely amazing. I can’t read Japanese but it is worth buying for the photos alone. Vintage items, used erasers, pencils sharpened with a knife – simply marvellous!

    I don’t have a domestic (US) source but have ordered my copies at Bundoki in Japan – they take orders in English via email (I’m not affiliated with Bundoki, just a very happy customer).

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