The first pen is free….

I thanked my friend who gave me my first fountain pen, the Lamy Safari, but maybe I should have blamed him for starting my addiction, for being like the drug dealer who says “the first one’s free.” Since then, I’ve escalated into pens many, many times as expensive.

— John Skoyles

What set you on a path to better pens, paper, pencils or other office goodie?

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    1. Well, I’ve been drawing since I was a child and so have always been trying different stationary, pencils and erasers mainly, that would work for me. It all got progressively more obsessive from there. 😉

  1. I took a life-drawing class where we had to use lots of different media. I fell in love with pen and ink so when I stopped drawing and started writing I turned to fountain pens. My first was a Scheaffer (Levenger edition.)

  2. I’m lucky that my wife is a pen junkie and showers me with new pen gifts all the time, and has turned me on to quite a few simple ACME pens, complete with the fountain pen nibs. Even though the standard nibs are rollerball, they still work great with my sometimes heavy writing and drawing style.

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