Daycraft Folding Tray

Daycraft origami bowl

This cool little leatherette tray from Daycraft in Hong Kong  is a deep teal blue on one side and a bright orange on the other. It ships flat and has snaps on the corner to fold up into a sort of origami bowl.

Daycraft origami bowl

Snap from one side and the points face into the shallow bowl, snap from the other side and it makes points at the corner. Its a perfect size for your keys or the random bits on your desk.

Daycraft origami bowl

Its a nice little catchall and is available in a small size (as shown) and a larger size in a couple different color combos. The small is $159HK (about $20 US). The large size is $209 HK which is about $30 US.

(via Daycraft)

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  1. I have one exactly like this but covered in brown suede. I received it as a gift one Christmas with a wallet and matching belt. I use it to place my watch and keys. 🙂

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