Vintage office goodies from Life Japanese Stationery

For someone who loves the aesthetics and apparatus of the vintage office, the Life Japanese Stationery products will surely please. Life uses the same featherlight paper stock for their Airmail stationery that they used in 1946 when they opened their doors. They even have matching Airmail envelopes. Airmail paper pad is $12.95 AUD for 50 sheets and envelopes are $9.95 AUD for pack of 10.

If the Airmail stationery does not entice, what about the Typing Bond? The pad is standard A4 sized and includes 50 sheets. Oh, my growing collection of typewriters are going to enjoy stomping little letters across sheets of this fine paper! $8.95 AUD

And no office is complete without a couple steno pads for quick notes. These three lovely pads in subdued vintage colors. The green cover is the traditional Gregg ruled, the yellow with blue lettering is ruled and the yellow with red lettering is grid paper. Each sells for $12.95 AUD.

All products are currently available through Notemaker. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 10% discount at checkout by entering the code “WELLAPPDESK12” at checkout.

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  1. those steno pads are beautiful! (my mom always has a steno pad next to the phone for taking messages, but never ones a pretty as these!)

    and, speaking of typewriters, do you have anyone locally that you can recommend for typewriter repairs or new ribbons? i have a small collection myself, but haven’t been able to use them

  2. Hi, I’m interested in using the L!fe Airmail paper and envelopes. I use a manual typewriter for most things and I find I can get more text this way than by writing longhand, also my typewriting is more legible than my handwriting. Have you used the L!fe Airmail paper with a manual (ribbon) typewriter and if so what was your experience? Thanks.

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