Hermes Rocket

The typewriter, under wraps

Beneath this beautiful wrapping paper and twine is a new-to-me Hermes Rocket typewriter.

Hermes Rocket

The Hermes Rocket is a slimline manual typewriter is battleship grey with minty green keys. It was designed to be durable and portable, weighing about 8lbs with the case/lid.

QWERTY close-up

The letter...

It was acquired through the Letter Writers Alliance and is a fine piece of machinery kept and maintained in great working condition. Its about 60 years old and will continue to be useful for another 60 years if I can keep it in ribbons.

On that note, I’ve found that Scantracker (out of Kansas City, KS) is an excellent source for typewriter ribbon including the two-color red/black ribbons. Their website is a little antiquated but I got my pack of ribbons in just three days at a great price.

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  1. That is a piece of luscious loveliness suitable for dashing off missives from a parisian boudoir. I hope you only type with it while wearing negligées.

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