Arrow Plier-Style Hand Stapler

Arrow Hand Stapler and S-66 Staples

This, the Arrow Plier-Style Hand Stapler Model P-66, is not actually a vintage score. I know, its hard to believe but I picked this up at The New Dime Store in Kansas City. Genuine new old stock for a whopping $7.99. The staples (Arrow Precision Made S-66 staples) were and additional $3.99.

Arrow Hand Stapler packaging

The packaging totally makes this! It is actually a lovely compact size, perfect for your office.

Arrow Hand Stapler and S-66 staples

The staples are about the same width as vintage Swingline TOT staples but they are just a tiny bit longer.

Arrow Piler-Style Hand Stapler in Actions

Works like a champ. Keep your eyes peeled for such great vintage NOS treasures at your local shops. You never know what you might find.

Arrow no longer lists this small plier-style stapler on their web site but I have owned an Arrow light duty staple gun since college (perfect for stretching canvasses) and it still works well.

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