Pieritz Office Supplies

Pieritz Office Supplies

One of the best things about traveling is finding new treasures, especially of the office supply genre. Despite the fact that I was born and raised in Chicago, I did not discover the gem that is Pieritz Office Supplies until this week. Pieritz (pronounced “peer-its” but you can call is “pirates” if you want) is a small office goods shop in Oak Park, IL just off the Ridgeland Green Line stop. Pieritz has been open for over 100 years and is a family-run shop.

The selection is small but hits all the office supply “sweet spots” with a well-curated collection of pens, pencils, notebooks and various other supplies. I found a full range of Marvy LePens including the long-sought red to finally round out my full set. Pieritz stocked pencils from General Pencil Co., an assortment of notebooks from Rhodia and Clairefontaine as well as a few other lines (like the Decomposition notebooks). They also stocked some fountain pens, ink, erasers, sharpeners, and a variety of favorite rollerball, ballpoint and gel pens.

I found a bottle of J. Herbin 1670 ink but there will be more about that later.

The pencil planter outside Pieritz

Outside Pieritz is their pencil planter, what a great landmark!

Sealed in plexiglass

Inside, Pieritz is one part modern office supply shop and one part vintage office supply museum. The countertop was covered in plexiglass and revealed a collection of vintage supplies and packaging. Along the walls were old signage and a huge collection of typewriters and adding machines. I was informed that Pieritz keeps a stock of typewriter ribbons, if you need some.

Ridgeland Green Line CTA stop

Pieritz is easy to visit being directly across the street from the Green Line Ridgeland L stop. If you’re in the Chicago area, it is definitely worth the trip!

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