Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus for Touch Devices

I was snooping around JetPens I stumbled across this unique item: the Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus for touch-sensitive devices. Using the brush end, it’s supposed to better simulate brush strokes in drawing and painting apps and then the other end is a rubberized stylus for drawing and tapping. I know a lot of artists are integrating the iPad and other touch devices into their creative process and I think this might be a cool way to expand the types of marks that can be created. $39.99.

Holler if you’ve used one and let me know how well it works!

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  1. These look so neat. When JetPens had a giveaway for one, I was SOOO hoping to win (not that I’m an artist!). Alas, no luck. But I got a little nervous about getting one when I read on their site to be really careful capping it – so as not to bend the brush hairs. Makes sense, except I’m too… uncoordinated… to be that aware. I’d sure like to try one out before buying it though!

  2. I like mine, and it seems realistic *enough* as long as you don’t expect an ipad to act just like paint. I’m a teacher and took it to our art teacher and she was really impressed, both with the brush (feel in the hand) and the physics of the program she was using to mix colors to get that dark purple/black of an eggplant (I don’t know…that’s what she painted).

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