When is an office less like an office?

Microsoft office

Are employees more creative problem solvers when they are not tethered to a specific desk or cubicle? Is the new modern office an open modular space with cubbies or offices for when you need privacy and then open, airy spaces for idea-generation and collaboration? The interior design firm O+A has designed the workspaces for many of the best known west coast tech firms. I love the casual, homey vibe of a lot of these spaces.

AOL office

Why go to a coffee shop to work if your office has coffee-shop-style nooks AND you can draw on the walls with white board markers or chalk?

AOL office

Industrial elements like particle board benches and exposed HVAC give a quirky loft-style look to AOL and Dreamhost’s spaces.

Dreamhost LA office
Dreamhost LA office

With more and more mobile tools, its easier than ever to work on-the-go from a laptop, ipad or tablet or even from a mobile phone. Is the age of the cubicle over?

Square office

Would you feel more productive in spaces like this or more apt to goof off?

(all images from O+A)

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  1. Absolutely. I’m a high school teacher, and I think my kids would LOVE it. Now as far as classroom control goes…. But maybe the space would change the whole dynamics of the classroom and its procedures. I liked this post. Thanks!

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