“Where are my keys?” “Where is my phone?”

If you have trouble locating your keys and/or your phone, this package from Bikn made up of sensor tags and iPhone case/app might just be the saving grace for your sanity. The sensors can attach to objects like keys, a camera, tossed in the bottom of a handbag, your work ID, etc. If you misplace an item with a sensor attached, you can use your iPhone and app to trigger the radio wave sensor that will beep. If you misplace your phone, the tags can “page” your phone. There is even an option for the sensors to beep if an item is outside of a predetermined range from 100 to 500 feet (great if you have a tendency to leave your phone on the bar).

The case and fobs can be color coordinated to match your iPhone 4 or 4s (no iPhone 5 version is available yet) and then custom color the trim on the case and fobs to your personal taste with a selection of six trim colors. The case does add bulk to the phone but not much more than the add-on battery cases.

This kind of peace of mind doesn’t come cheaply, the base sets sell for $99 to $129 but if you’ve spent 45 minutes running around trying to locate one or more of these items, the price tag might seem worth it.

(via PureWow)

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