Eva Black’s Workspace


I love that this is a REAL workspace. It looks like two IKEA tabletops with simple cylinder legs moved into an L-shape formation and turned to face into the room taking advantage of the light from the window as well as not feeling like you’re staring at the wall all day. She used old glass jars to hold pens, pencils and other tidbits.

The chair does not look like the most comfortable or ergonomic but it also looks like Eva used what she had available. A pretty space on a real budget. Pretty darned cool.


(via Eva Black Designs, shout out to Kathy Z. for the tip!)

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  1. That’s a match for my dining room chairs! I found them very cheap at a flea market. Her desk is very pretty and makes me think of spring. My desk is very pretty and makes me think of winter (in a warm and cozy way hot chocolate and fireplace kind of way).

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