Five Reasons to Use a Typewriter


According to the BBC, there are five reasons to still use a typewriter.

The Adler Tippa: AKA Mr. Nichols

  1. Refuseniks: AKA Luddites
  2. To Be Cool
  3. No Electricity
  4. Aesthetics: making art with typewriters or matching the look of a specific time period
  5. Weddings: Huh?

The full letter

If you have a typewriter, why do you use it?

(article via BBC, photos by me!)

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  1. I’m getting a typewriter for christmas (inspired by you actually). It’s an ugly duckling 70’s brother, i’m going to use it for penpalling, journalling etc… I doubt I’ll actually use it for writing my novel though.

  2. I know of some people that like to write with them still and then scan their pages to store them digitally. Writing with a typewriter slows you down and allows you to think more about what you write. Handwriting your work is similar in this regard. I think that they are beautiful old machines and l enjoy them as I would other antiques.

  3. Top reason I like to write by hand or by typewriter is the lack of internet to distract me from what I sat down to do. Supposed to be writing a post right now, but here I am commenting…

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