Ogami Stone Paper Notebooks


Ogami is a line of notebook products from Italy that relies on stone to create the paper. This imbues the paper with some unique properties not commonly found in wood-based paper products.


  • Tree-Free – no wood pulp is used in production
  • Waterproof – you can even wipe it clean! Note: your ink will probably still run if it is not waterproof but the sheet of paper is not ruined.
  • Bleach-Free because stone is naturally white
  • Tear-resistant, fade-resistant and archival
  • Recyclable – it also breaks down naturally to return the calcium carbonate to the earth
  • Clean – the production and disposal of stone paper produces far fewer pollutants and toxins than wood pulp paper
  • Each sheet is naturally thicker than conventional papers. The paper has a smooth satin finish that does not bleed as easily if you are using liquid inks. There is some drying time for fountain pens but no feathering.


The notebooks are available in lined and unlined in a multiple of sizes with simple covers in black, gray and aqua with a stitched binding. I have yet to take one of these notebooks for a test-drive but I am definitely curious. I’d also like to see how it compares to the Filed Note Expedition Edition in terms of durability and waterproof-ness.

Ogami notebooks are available from our fine sponsor Notemaker in Australia. Discounts are still available for Notemaker products. See the sidebar for information.

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    1. The stone paper in OGAMI notebooks is 120 micron, ie incredibly smooth. There is no grittiness at all. There is no danger of any nib (gold included) wearing.

  1. You can buy Oxford Stone Paper notebooks at Walgreens. I have been using the wire bound with perforated pages to write to my InCoWri pen pals as of late.

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