Swingline Low-Force 1-Hole Punch

Swingline Hole Punch

I recently purchased a budget chrome-ish hole punch. Sometimes, I just need to punch a hole or two and, boy, was I ever disappointed. It tore the paper around the edges — even jsut one or two sheets of copy paper would get shredded. The punched-hole catcher would fly open at random intervals scattering hole-chads all over me and my desk. I needed something better. So I got serious about finding a good quality hole punch — price be damned.

In walks the Swingline Low Force 1-Hole Punch. This punch is heavy black metal with a pebbled texture and looks like it MEANS BUSINESS. The hole punch is angled and sharp so it cuts a clean hole and can easily punch a handful of paper without breaking a sweat. The chad-catcher stays closed so no loose dots floating all over your desk and the angled punch makes the chads a little convex so they look like paper Pringles.

The hole punch has a decent reach and the silver ticks on the side show exactly where the hole will be punched which is handy.

Swingline Hole Punch

If you’re looking for a good hole punch, this Swingline is a good place to start. At just $4.99, it won’t break the bank either.

(I purchased my Swingline punch from Office Depot.)

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