Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition

Field Notes: America the Beautiful

The newest edition of the Field Notes Colors series is called “America The Beautiful” and features three different 4-color, big dot, slightly misregistered covers. Each cover was named: “Spacious Skies”, “Amber Waves” and “Mountain Majesty” respectively.

Field Notes: America the Beautiful

Inside is white Finch paper with loose-leaf blue lines which are classic nostalgia for me. I didn’t do any pen tests yet but I love this series so much, I’m hesitant to write in it. I don’t want to sully my set. I had two sets but my husband stole the “spare.”

Field Notes Water Slide Decal

The bonus item is a classic water-slide decal that reminds me of all the VW bus windows spotted while touring America’s National Parks.

Sets sell for $9.95 for a 3-pack or a 1-year Colors subscription can be purchased for $97 and will include 2 sets of the America The Beautiful (and the next three Colors Editions) plus 2 packs of Kraft Field Notes.

This is a limited edition series, when they sell out, they’re gone! I think I better order a couple more sets!

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  1. The paper is AWESOME for pencil! 😉 It’s SMOOTH, and the 70# is nice.
    My pens worked pretty well, too. I didn’t try any fountains pens though. 🙂

  2. I bought my husband the complete fifty state “County Fair” set for Christmas of 2011. He loves them and they’re very beautiful. He’s using them as part of a series of state literary maps he’s working on, keeping his book lists in the Field Notes.

    Although I did notice the complete set now comes with six pens, we only got one a year and a half ago.

  3. These look all right, but the colour images don’t seem in keeping with the “Field Notes Brand” image. That’s just me, I guess.

    1. I appreciate that they are trying different approaches to what exactly Field Notes are and being inspired by different decades of pocket notebooks. It is definitely outside what people were expecting from Field Notes.

      1. I’ve talked directly with the folks at field notes and this is their first foray into four color printing. But as you stated Anna, these books are based on the old farmers notebooks that were very colorful advertising promo items. Still very true to the beginnings of the product.

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